About Health Rights MA

We are an ever-growing committed group of people with a goal of reaffirming and protecting the rights of people of Massachusetts to make decisions about their own bodies through proactive health freedom legislation.

Health Rights MA Mission Statement

The mission of Health Rights MA is to ensure that the fundamental human right to bodily autonomy—including the right to exercise informed consent and the right to privacy of personal medical information—is legally protected in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in regard to all medical/healthcare treatments and procedures.

  • The right to bodily autonomy and informed consent means that no governmental or private entity shall have the power to coerce or require:
  • An adult to undergo a medical/healthcare treatment or procedure against their will; or
    A parent (or guardian) to submit their child to a medical/healthcare treatment or procedure to which the parent (or guardian) does not freely consent.

Additionally, no governmental or private entity should be allowed to:

  • Penalize or discriminate against an individual for exercising their right of bodily autonomy and informed consent; and
  • Monitor and track an individual’s medical/health-related information without the individual’s express consent, freely given.

Health Rights MA is a 501 (c)4 non-profit organization.

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