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Jeffery Jaxen and Aaron Siri Testify MA Public Health Committee

Jeffery Jaxen, Medical Correspondent, and Attorney Aaron Siri, the lead counsel for ICAN, testify before the MA Public Health Committee on bills related to the vaccines for school children.

Aaron Siri Gives Testimony to the Arizona State Senate

Aaron Siri, the lead counsel for ICAN, delivered compelling testimony at the Arizona Novel COVID South Western Intergovernmental Committee (NCSWIC), an important platform dedicated to addressing the challenges and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, and charting a path forward.

Dr. Tina Peers talks results of vaccine in pregnant women

Dr. Tina Peers discusses the impact of vaccines on pregnant women and their babies from Pfizer’s own clinical trials. Based on the results this NEVER should have been recommended to pregnant women.

Kevin Kiley questions HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra about mask mandates on 2 year olds

Rep Kevin Kiley: Did forcing two-year-olds to wear masks save lives?

Xavier Becerra HHS: And who did the forcing?

Dr. McCullough’s Speech before the European Parliament

Dr. McCullough delivered a speech to the European Union Parliament on September 13, 2023, in a session dedicated to the World Health Organization and Pandemic response.

Dr. Madava Setty: The Covid Pandemic Response – What the Data Teaches Us

Dr. Setty is a board-certified anesthesiologist. He also holds an engineering degree from MIT. He is the former Director of Anesthesiology at Lawrence General Hospital, MA, and is a senior science editor for the Children’s Health Defense.

The Big Reset Movie

Following the declaration of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the society in which we live has undergone major changes. Through fear, policies have been carried out that under normal conditions would seem unthinkable. Meanwhile, concepts such as The Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution or transhumanism, remain unknown to the general public.

Massachusetts Scientific Researcher, Kevin McKernan, Are Covid Vaccines Contaminated With DNA?

Dr Jim Meehan, talks to Massachusetts scientific researcher, Kevin McKernan about his groundbreaking discovery of plasmid-derived dsDNA contamination in COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and lays out the proven dangers of injecting foreign DNA into the body.

Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies Before the Pennsylvania Senate about Vaccine Injury

Dr. Peter A. McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist. He is one of the most published cardiologists ever in America, with over 1,000 publications and 660 citations in the National Library of Medicine.

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