The Faces of Vaccine Injury Massachusetts, May 18, 2023

Julie Booras, Shewsbury, Health Rights MA

“I know we can have good strong public health policies without infringing on civil liberties and a person’s right to choose their own healing path.”

Hannah King, Salem, Health Rights MA

“I want people to understand that it’s not just parents, it’s young people too who care about the health freedom issue.”

Peter Durant, Massachusetts House of Representatives

“Your stories are important, vaccine injury is real, and people need to know about it.”

David Decoste, Massachusetts House of Representatives

“Many state employees, whether they were corrections officers, public health officers, state police officers … in my estimation were very unfairly dealt with, very poorly treated.”

David Russell, Marshfield, React19

“On April 4, 2022, my life changed: Before I had the vaccine, I was a very healthy person, had no existing preconditions at all; and a year ago this month, began three months of being bedridden.”

Meredith, Duxbury, RN

“I have a list of my own, three columns long—I am one person who knows all these people who have been affected by their vaccine.”

Dr. Sarah Shulman, Concord, Pediatrician

“I’ve attended 50,000 births and have saved countless lives. Because of my expertise, I was recruited by Brigham and Women’s Hospital to develop a team of physicians who attended high risk deliveries….The hospital lost one of its most seasoned compassionate physicians.”

Christina and Lily Rice, Dedham

“My only regret is taking a fast-tracked vaccine that should have had many years of clinical studies, but I was told it was “safe & effective” and as any Mom, I did what I thought was best.”

Michael MacDonald, Hopedale, Former State Trooper

“There comes a point in many people’s lives where… you must decide between doing what you are told to do when you know it’s wrong and…doing what you know is right even when it’s the harder choice or unpopular opinion”

Stirling Smith, Arlington

“I’ve lost most of my friends that I’ve had for decades because I had an opinion contrary to theirs.  I haven’t gotten them back yet, I haven’t gotten an apology.”

John Beaudoin Sr.

“From the data, and I can stand behind this and I’ll swear to it in federal court, I already have… more than 4000 people in Massachusetts alone have died from the vaccine.”

Jeff Weisel, Pepperell, Hospice Care

“I couldn’t afford to stop working so I got my Pfizer shots in Feb and Mar 2021, foolishly trusting the safe and effective narrative.”  

Frances Forgione, Dennis, Counselor/Clinical Social Worker

“I felt like I was living inside an electrical storm like you see on the horizon, and a bizarre array of pain and symptoms throughout my body.”

Sue and Nick Salvemini, Shrewsbury

“My entire life plan was shattered in the wake of these mandates.”

Bridget Kearns, Wareham, Occupational Therapist 

“I was harassed and pressured by management and colleagues and abandoned by my union.”

Mary Kelley, Walpole, RN

“24/7 since February of last year, every morning I hear the buzzing in my ear, and I’m reminded of Pfizer.”

Erin Borland, Rehoboth, Bedside Nurse

“My PCP, nor the allergist, nor the dermatologist, nor the epidemiologist from the Massachusetts DPH, could tell me whether receiving the booster would make this condition worse or not.”

Jenny McCloud, Cheshire, Home Health Care

“I did not quit. I did not resign, but was forced out illegally.”

“Doc” Pruyne, Warwick, Journalist

“I am a journalist. I was told not to submit any ideas or stories about vaccine injuries, at all. I can’t tell you how ashamed I am of my industry.”

Jessica Abu-Hijleh, Beverly, Medic

“I have my Masters in Biology, I knew better. I knew what these shots were. I know what mRNA is. I know about the enzymes in our cells. I knew this was not good.”

Michelle Orfanos, Arlington, Nurse

“The healthcare workers that were critical and essential one day were disposable the next.” 

Phil McLaine, Arlington, Former Mass State Trooper

“We cannot allow it to happen again, that government mandates across the board policies that do not consider the impact or irreversible procedures, the disregard of constitutional rights, not concern for efficacy and safety.” 

Robert Johnson, Hubbardston, Former Mass State Trooper

“Even now with the mandate lifted there are troopers that are still suspended without pay.”

Beth Ellis

“I’m a pilot for an airline based here in Boston and we were threatened that if we didn’t take it, we’d be fired. I still said no. And I watched my colleagues under coercion, go ahead and take it. A couple of them have passed away, a couple of them can’t get their medical now to work.”

Caroline Ventola, Falmouth, Nurse

“When we were mandated to get an experimental shot, no one was given an explanation of the risks and benefits, informed consent, just get the shot, one size fits all.”

Jane Faghan, West Bridgewater

“It wasn’t bad enough that I lost my husband I had to lose my livelihood too…I am asking the legislators to take a good look at people that have been devastated by the COVID vaccine mandate, whether it be physical injury or job loss and do the right thing for the people.”

Kara Hemingway, Duxbury, Social Worker

“I’m a mama bear. This isn’t happening for my kids and this isn’t happening for myself.”

Beth Ingham, Winchendon, Children’s Health Defense New England

“In 1983, 7 conditions and 11 shots, about 24 doses were given to our children by the age of 15. 39 years later there are 17 identified conditions, and our children are being given 53 shots with 76 doses of these vaccines.”

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