Protective Health Freedom Bills S.1094 and H.734 are moving! Take action to send an email to your legislators asking them to co-sponsor these 2 bills! 

Health Rights MA is collecting stories of injury, loss  and coercion due to the covid vaccines from Massachusetts residents

Health Rights MA is collecting stories of injury, loss, and coercion due to the covid vaccines from Massachusetts residents to share with legislators, many of whom do not know about the significant dangers/side effects associated with these shots. Please share your story; our legislators need to hear from you!

If you or a family member has experienced adverse events following the covid19 vaccine please share your story.

If you experienced coercive tactics that negatively affected your life and family please share your story.

Why are we asking for your story?

• To educate Massachusetts legislators and public health policy makers and increase their awareness and understanding of COVID19 vaccine injuries and coercive tactics negatively affecting the lives of the people of Massachusetts.

• To inspire lawmakers to take action to stop all mandatory vaccination programs by passing protective legislation that will protect the rights of all people to make their own health decision without coercion and to work to help those who have suffered vaccine injury to get the medical and/or financial assistance they need to heal.


No identifying information will be shared with legislators without prior written consent. Someone from our team will reach out to see how you are willing to share your story: in print, in video, or in person.

We are current working on a booklet for legislators called “The Face of Vaccine Injury in Massachusetts” which will be bound together stories and photos to be delivered to legislators and public health policy makers.

We will also be planning lobby days and private meetings with legislators face to face or on zoom for those that might be willing to share their stories.

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Health Rights MA is a 100% grassroots citizens initiative.

We are an ever-growing committed group of people with a goal of reaffirming and protecting the rights of the people of Massachusetts to make decisions about their own bodies through proactive health freedom legislation. Join us by signing up for our emails. (and then checking your spam box! Censorship is real.)

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