Our friends at Health Choice 4 Action have done an excellent job to help you understand and OPPOSE these DANGEROUS BILLS! The bill titles are very misleading! We must make sure these bills DO NOT PASS!


There are a bills introduced in the Senate (S.1122) and in the house (H.4151) that if passed, would protect fundamental rights recognized in the US Constitution and The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
Declaration of Rights by:

• Affirming an individual’s right to make personal decisions concerning medical treatments and procedures.

• Making it unlawful to terminate employment based solely on an employee’s medical decisions.

• Ensuring equitable access to justice. Right now, only those with the financial means to hire a lawyer and the knowledge to do so can protect themselves against violations of their rights.

• Preventing discrimination against those who are medically vulnerable.

• Affirming that a person’s fundamental right to privacy, travel and speech shall not be infringed upon to impede the making of decisions for themselves or for their dependents

These bills were heard by Joint Committee on the Judiciary 11/23/21. Watch the powerful testimonies here.

Call, email, and reach out on social media to your legislators and ask for meetings to discuss your issues. If they are on this list, even better.

James B. Eldridge Chair
Eric P. Lesser Vice Chair
Sonia Chang-Diaz
Cynthia Stone Creem
John C. Velis
Patrick M. O’Connor (Ranking Minority)

Michael S. Day Chair
Chynah Tyler Vice Chair
Christopher Hendricks
Susannah M. Whipps
Colleen M. Garry
Jon Santiago
Brandy Fluker Oakley
Adam J. Scanlon
Jay D. Livingstone
Sheila C. Harrington (Ranking Minority)
Alyson M. Sullivan

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