Hearing 11/23

The Joint Committee on the Judiciary HELD A HEARING for the Massachusetts Health Freedom Bills S1122 and H4151 on Tuesday, November 23rd beginning at 10 am.

The hearing on 11/23 was long, but so many people stuck it out until 3:50 when the testimony for our Medical Freedoms bills finally started. The testimonies were AMAZING! And all were different and covered different topics and perspectives. There are 3 and half hours of testimony!!!

Michael King from our friends at Massachusetts Family Institute emailed “That was one of the most compelling hearings I have ever witnessed. Thanks for all the great work your organization is doing on this!” And he has witnessed a lot of hearings!

Our bills start at timecode 5:51:53

WATCH THE HEARING: https://malegislature.gov/Events/Hearings/Detail/4100

There were too many standout testimonies to mention – they were all standout, really, but if I HAD TO pick a very favorite testimony this one is so powerful and sent chills down my spine. 

8:21:20 Shayne Houlihan (Father, Firefighter & US Army Combat Vet)

Michael King shared some of his favorites too:

6:40:36  Margaret McGrath (Mother of Nurse)
7:10:23  Mark Smith (Sergeant MA Dept. of Corrections)
7:35:23 Heath Hobson (Veteran)

To everyone that helped us get these bills to this point, we are truly grateful!!! Everyone who signed the petition, shared, sent letters and got meetings with legislators, showed up at events and rallies, and testified. THANK YOU!

When we drafted and filed these bills back in February we had no idea the road ahead. But we know for sure – You will fail at 100% of the things you don’t try!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy your families and friends. We will be back with the next steps AFTER the holiday weekend! Enjoy!

The Team at Health Rights MA

p.s. While you are with your like-minded family and friend this weekend please get them all to sign the petition!

If you are looking for inspiration to write your testimony
we recommend downloading and reading these letters that are full of great talking points!

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