How to request a meeting with your state legislators

If you’ve never talked to or requested a meeting with your legislator it’s pretty straight forward. You have 1 Senator (out of 40) and 1 Representative (out of 160). Find your legislators here:

Send an email requesting a meeting. As their constituent, they should meet with you. Sometimes you will be given a meeting with a legislative aide and that is a good starting point.

If you don’t hear back within 48 hours follow up with another email or call. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

We can send a few people with you that understand the bill and are in the medical or legal profession.  As the constituent, you just need to secure a meeting. Don’t worry about who will come. Get the meeting time and we will come up with a strategy from there. Once we know who can attend you can send a follow-up email letting them know you’d like to bring  X person and Y person.
Dear Senator or Representative XYZ,

My name is xxxx and I am a constituent in your district. [Give more personal details and any credentials. Ex. I am a nurse, I am a mother/father of vaccine-injured child]

I am very concerned about the issues of health rights and health choice and I would like to set up an in-person meeting with you [in the district/at the state house] to discuss my concerns and talk about possible solutions in the form of legislation.

S1094 An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity

H734 – An Act prohibiting COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of entry


Please let me know what is a good time. I am available XXXXX. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Very best,

Full Name
City, MA

Please feel free to use any of these letters below – all or in part to write to your legislators and ask them to support health freedom bills. IMPORTANT: You must update the bill name numbers and names.

Feb 2023 Current Bills we are supporting:

S1094 An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity

H734 – An Act prohibiting COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of entry

Please personalize at least the first sentence or two. If you have any medical injury stories or COERCION stories please share them with your legislators. Personal stories go much further. 

You can find your legislators here: EVEN BETTER: Request a meeting with your lawmakers. Here is how >

Please Support Massachusetts Bill S1122, ‘An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity

Support Ma Bill S1122 that protects my fundamental right to bodily autonomy

Bill S1122 protects my right and my fellow-citizens’ right to pursue all possible choices of healthcare to enhance our health

Please protect our health choices and constitutional rights, Support Bill S1122

Support S1122, Protect my right to bodily autonomy

Recommend Passage of S1122, MA’s bodily autonomy bill

Protect Civil Liberties, Support S.1122

Sponsor S.1122 Protect  bodily autonomy and family integrity

Protect Health Rights Support S1122

An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity, Support S.1122

Please help stop discriminatory and coercive policies, Support S1122

Please protect my right to make health decisions, Support S1122

Please Co-Sponsor Bill S1122

Please protect my inalienable right to bodily sovereignty

Please co-sponsor Bill S1122, ‘An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity.

Support S1122 which protects constitutional rights of privacy and bodily autonomy

Co-sponsor S1122, protect bodily autonomy

Support S1122, protect my fundamental right to make independent health decisions

Protect personal health choices, please Co-Sponsor S.1122

Please Support S1122, protecting the right to freely choose medical treatments and procedures

Protect employees against unfair termination, please support Bill S1122

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