🔥 A hearing has been scheduled for
Bill S1094 An Act Relative to Bodily Autonomy and Family Integrity
Tuesday, November 21st at 1:00pm

Massachusetts State House, 24 Beacon Street, Boston. In room A-2
Get Hearing Details: https://malegislature.gov/Events/Hearings/Detail/4794

S.1094 An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity

• Prohibits mandatory medical treatments or procedures against a person’s will. It prohibits compulsory sharing of personal data or medical  information.
• Prevents employers from declining to hire or from terminating a person solely based on their choice to engage or not engage with a medical treatment or procedure.
• Creates a civil right of action for violation of these conditions.
Does NOT preclude drug or alcohol testing or any reasonable non-invasive medical testing or treatments.
Written Testimony Written testimony may be submitted to the Committee at 24 Beacon Street, Room 136, Boston, MA 02133 or by e-mail to michael.musto@mahouse.gov.

To help you prepare to give a great testimony and know what to expect…

  1. Attend a Zoom call Sunday night Nov 19th or Monday night Nov 20th to get help preparing your oral or written testimony or get feedback on what you’ve already written. Register in Advance.
  2. Watch last year’s testimony here for ideas and inspiration HERE.
  3. Use any of the the 21 letter templates below to help you craft your arguments. These letters are generic, your personal stories are more powerful!

SUGGESTED AMENDMENTS – This bill aims to protect bodily autonomy even during a public health emergency! The bill as written does not go quite far enough. Health Rights MA will be working to get this bill amended as follows. View and Download PDF.

Please feel free to use any of these letters below – all or in part to write to your legislators and ask them to support Bodily Autonomy Bill S1094.

IMPORTANT: You must update the bill numbers. These letters were written during last session when the bill was numbered S1122. Change S1122 to S1094.

S1094 An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity

Please personalize at least the first sentence or two. If you have any medical injury stories or COERCION stories please share them with your legislators. Personal stories go much further. 

You can find your legislators here: https://malegislature.gov/Search/FindMyLegislator. EVEN BETTER: Request a meeting with your lawmakers. Here is how >

Please Support Massachusetts Bill S1122, ‘An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity

Support Ma Bill S1122 that protects my fundamental right to bodily autonomy

Bill S1122 protects my right and my fellow-citizens’ right to pursue all possible choices of healthcare to enhance our health

Please protect our health choices and constitutional rights, Support Bill S1122

Support S1122, Protect my right to bodily autonomy

Recommend Passage of S1122, MA’s bodily autonomy bill

Protect Civil Liberties, Support S.1122

Sponsor S.1122 Protect  bodily autonomy and family integrity

Protect Health Rights Support S1122

An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity, Support S.1122

Please help stop discriminatory and coercive policies, Support S1122

Please protect my right to make health decisions, Support S1122

Please Co-Sponsor Bill S1122

Please protect my inalienable right to bodily sovereignty

Please co-sponsor Bill S1122, ‘An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity.

Support S1122 which protects constitutional rights of privacy and bodily autonomy

Co-sponsor S1122, protect bodily autonomy

Support S1122, protect my fundamental right to make independent health decisions

Protect personal health choices, please Co-Sponsor S.1122

Please Support S1122, protecting the right to freely choose medical treatments and procedures

Protect employees against unfair termination, please support Bill S1122

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