faces of vac injury

Jane Faghan, West Bridgewater

“It wasn’t bad enough that I lost my husband I had to lose my livelihood too…I am asking the legislators to take a good look at people that have been devastated by the COVID vaccine mandate, whether it be physical injury or job loss and do the right thing for the people.”

Caroline Ventola, Falmouth, Nurse

“When we were mandated to get an experimental shot, no one was given an explanation of the risks and benefits, informed consent, just get the shot, one size fits all.”

Beth Ellis

“I’m a pilot for an airline based here in Boston and we were threatened that if we didn’t take it, we’d be fired. I still said no. And I watched my colleagues under coercion, go ahead and take it. A couple of them have passed away, a couple of them can’t get their medical now to work.”

Dr. Sarah Shulman, Concord, Pediatrician

“I’ve attended 50,000 births and have saved countless lives. Because of my expertise, I was recruited by Brigham and Women’s Hospital to develop a team of physicians who attended high risk deliveries….The hospital lost one of its most seasoned compassionate physicians.”

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