MA Medical Freedom Senate Bill has been assigned to committee

UPDATE!!! The Massachusetts Medical Freedom Senate is moving!!!! The bill has been assigned to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary and is now numbered S.1122

We urgently need to secure meetings with every member of the judiciary committee. If your legislator is a member of the judiciary committee please reach out to them and set up a meeting. A few members of our committee will be available to attend with you. For a template and instructions on how to request meeting go here.

The house bill, cosponsor by Sheila Harrington is still awaiting language so for now we will focus on the Senate version.

If your legislators are not on this committee we’d still love a meeting with them. We want to talk to every legislator if possible. (Well, except Rausch and Vargas.) And please call or write them as well. It’s really so important that they hear a groundswell of support from their own constituents.

Find your legislators here:

Joint Committee on the Judiciary

James B. Eldridge Chair
Eric P. Lesser Vice Chair
Sonia Chang-Diaz
Cynthia Stone Creem
John C. Velis
Patrick M. O’Connor (Ranking Minority)

Michael S. Day Chair
Chynah Tyler Vice Chair
Christopher Hendricks
Susannah M. Whipps
Colleen M. Garry
Jon Santiago
Brandy Fluker Oakley
Adam J. Scanlon
Jay D. Livingstone
Sheila C. Harrington (Ranking Minority)
Alyson M. Sullivan

Please share this website to all your health freedom loving friends and family

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