TEMPLATE: Oppose S1571 and H2271 (Community Immunity) and H2411 (Removal of Religious Exemption, S1398 and H2228 (Immunization Registry)

Subject: Written Testimony for Committee Hearing on Public HealthDear Joint Committee members,

My name is [NAME] I am [A PARENT/A CITIZEN ETC.] of Massachusetts. I am writing to OPPOSE H.2228 and S.1398 An Act relative to the immunization registry, H.2411 An Act relative to vaccines and preventing future outbreaks, S.1517 and H.2271 An Act promoting community immunity.

H.2411, would completely remove the religious exemption, denying education on the basis of religion. The bill is UNNECESSARY. Massachusetts has the highest rate of vaccination in the country and the lowest exemption rates. Wherever vaccination remains lower in the state, it is not because of exemptions but rather because of lack of access to vaccination or incomplete records given to the school.

S.1517 and H.2271 would greatly restrict both medical and religious exemptions. All exemptions would be approved or denied through MA DPH, taking decisions away from families and their doctors. It would only allow exemptions in narrow circumstances, like near-fatal anaphylaxis. Having doctors be tracked for exemptions will encourage patients to be left without medical care. These bills also allow private schools and programs to discriminate against those based on their religious beliefs. Lastly, these bills would allow minor consent to all medical care, without parental consent or knowledge at any age or cognition level. This is so medically dangerous to children and leaves them vulnerable to solicitation and harm! Please OPPOSE S.1517 and H.2271.

H.2228 and S.1398 would allow health insurance companies to be given access to the state vaccine tracking system. Insurance companies and private organizations could use this to discriminate against vulnerable families and individuals.

Please OPPOSE these bills

Thank you,


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