Beth Ellis

“I’m a pilot for an airline based here in Boston and we were threatened that if we didn’t take it, we’d be fired. I still said no. And I watched my colleagues under coercion, go ahead and take it. A couple of them have passed away, a couple of them can’t get their medical now to work.”

“Doc” Pruyne, Warwick, Journalist

“I am a journalist. I was told not to submit any ideas or stories about vaccine injuries, at all. I can’t tell you how ashamed I am of my industry.”

Erin Borland, Rehoboth, Bedside Nurse

“My PCP, nor the allergist, nor the dermatologist, nor the epidemiologist from the Massachusetts DPH, could tell me whether receiving the booster would make this condition worse or not.”

Mary Kelley, Walpole, RN

“24/7 since February of last year, every morning I hear the buzzing in my ear, and I’m reminded of Pfizer.”

Jeff Weisel, Pepperell, Hospice Care

“I couldn’t afford to stop working so I got my Pfizer shots in Feb and Mar 2021, foolishly trusting the safe and effective narrative.”  

John Beaudoin Sr.

“From the data, and I can stand behind this and I’ll swear to it in federal court, I already have… more than 4000 people in Massachusetts alone have died from the vaccine.”

Stirling Smith, Arlington

“I’ve lost most of my friends that I’ve had for decades because I had an opinion contrary to theirs.  I haven’t gotten them back yet, I haven’t gotten an apology.”

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